Brendan Shand - Cheetah Resources

Mr Shand is a geologist with 35 years of experience in the mining industry in a number of different commodities in different parts of the world. Mr Shand has a wealth of experience in mine geology and has been instrumental in starting up a number of mines in different parts of the world. In the latter part of his career Mr Shand has become a leading expert on the development of rare earth projects. He worked for Lynas Corporation for 8 years initially as the Registered Manager/Senior Geologist at the Mt Weld Rare Earth Project and later on as the Chief Geologist. Mr Shand was initially responsible for managing the mining and geology at the Mt Weld Project and then later on spent most of his time with Lynas Corporation as the Chief Geologist responsible for all geological projects. The projects Mr Shand had responsibility for included:

  • The expansion of the Mt Weld light rare earth mineral resources and ore reserves resulting in a threefold increase in the mine life for the Mt Weld light rare earth project.
  • The development of a large mineral resource and ore reserve for the Mt Weld heavy rare earth project that will shortly be developed to supply the US military with heavy rare earths.
  • Resource development at the Kangankunde Rare Earth Project in Malawi.